Things to Know About Lasik Eye Surgery in Malaysia

Wearing glasses and trying to get rid of them? You may want to consider getting eye surgery. As the technology and medical equipment advance, eye surgery has become one of the everyday things available on the market. There are also many types of eye surgery available on the market, one of them is LASIK eye surgery in Malaysia. Which is also known as a type of refractive eye surgery.


The full name for LASIK is laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis surgery. Eye surgery expert in Kuala Lumpur has proved to help patients to achieve a better version and works well for most activities. Nonetheless, you may still need glasses for some activities such as reading and driving at night when time goes by.

Best eye doctor in Malaysia recommends that this surgery has a good track record as there are sporadic cases of lost vision in the results of the operation. Most patients are satisfied with the surgery results as well. You may want to take note on the side effects that come with the surgery. For instance, dry eyes and temporary visual disturbances.

No worries, these kind of side effects are just temporary. Thus, they will be cleared up after a few weeks or months. Moreover, studies prove that only very few have these effects for a long-term which become a problem.

LASIK surgery is most suitable for people with mild nearsightedness, as these cases have the most success with refractive surgery. More importantly, the surgery results always depend on the refractive error and other factors.

People with a high degree of nearsightedness or farsightedness along with astigmatism have less predictable results.

The Healthy Eyes of Yours

Laser eye surgery is more suitable for people with a moderate level of refractive error and without significant visual issues. Thus, if you are planning to get eye surgery, it is essential to communicate with experts such as eye surgeon and eye specialist in KL.

lasik eye surgery

As the eye surgeon will have a consultation with you to understand your health status of the eye. To make sure that you have any conditions that might result in complication and outcomes, there will be evaluation and test done to the eye as well.

Think Before You Do It

Experts suggest people with the following symptoms shouldn’t be getting LASIK eye surgery for a handful of reasons. First and foremost, if you have a severe sigh issue and diagnosed with high refractive error. The risk of performing eye surgery is not on par with the benefits.

Next, for those who have a moderate vision, you shouldn’t get the surgery as well. For the reason that you can see well enough with contacts and glasses. The improvement that can be done by the medicine may not worth the risk again.

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For those who are in older age, the eye changes issues will be caused by the surgery that makes people have worsened vision. It is known as presbyopia. Last but not least, for those who are actively participating in sports such as contact sports. You should reconsider the constant impact on the eyes, and the face will cause significant issues.

In the past, blurry vision is made right by bending glasses and contact lenses light rays. But reshaping the cornea of your eye will also provide necessary refraction and vision correction. That is why LASIK eye surgery remains one of the most popular choices among the public.

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