Penetration Testing Company in Malaysia for Today’s Environment

Even though there are unlimited latest tools and technologies in the cyberthreat landscapes, penetration testing by the pentest company in Malaysia stays as one of the most popular and essential tools. As it can strengthen security defence of corporation network defences. 

The professionals in the top pen test companies are also known as “ethical hackers”. There is more demand for these professions as the cyberthreat landscape are alarming at an alarming pace.

compromise assessment

What Does the Service Entail?

Penetration testing service providers are here to identify the possible ways to attack the security features of the corporate network system components. The service providers would usually stimulate an attack in a controlled environment by a third-party security specialist.

The aim of computer forensic Malaysia is to reveal whether the corporation network servers and features will resist hostile attacks. Not to forget identifying vulnerabilities that could lead to even critical intrusion to security in the future.

forensic malaysia

Discover Any Critical Vulnerabilities

Before anything else, digital forensic Malaysia is present to uncover any vulnerabilities in the cyber-security environment. It is critical to exploit what are the bugs in the website and to discover the criticalness of the issue.

As valuable information of the corporation can be revealed and exploited by hackers. Similarly, to vulnerability evaluation, forensic services Malaysia can help to inform any cyberattacks that could infiltrate the corporate network.

The massive budget spent on penetration testing also ensures recommendations and feedbacks are supply in return to strengthen the security posture. All from cybercrime cases in Malaysia

So how it is done actually? To provide a brief concept, LGMS Malaysia will begin by scanning three segments of the corporate networks. Which is the operating systems, network devices and application software?

red team penetration testing

As the scanning can allow them to reveal any known or unknown vulnerabilities in the tested environment. All of these is to report a listing of found vulnerabilities in order of the criticality. Which includes cybersecurity training in Malaysia as well.

Nonetheless, cask training course Malaysia goes to a deeper level, as it will conduct one step further than the vulnerability testing. The professional ethical hacker team will act upon the vulnerabilities found, as the experiment is designed to rectify ways to exploit the discovered vulnerabilities.

The Cox certification training Malaysia will prove how the real-world attack vectors happened against the corporate IT asset, valuable data and physical security. All in all, the testing is conducted to help corporate IT department to understand the extent of own vulnerabilities that can potentially be exploited by the hackers.

Arrange in Order What Risk Should Be Tackle Based on Impact

Aside from that, the penetration test will also supply a detail report of the corporation exploitable vulnerabilities. Most importantly, the reports include the actionable recommendations on how a corporation can optimize the protection levels from short-term to long-term. This is essential as the discovered threats will be listed in order on how easily they can be exploited. Not to forget the impact that could be done by the danger in case of exploitation.

Information security professionals are required to prioritize the threats based on the criticalness. Thus, the corporation can develop a plan for the remediation efforts, allocating resources on security. For instance, the security team may want to fix the highest threat issue first.

As it holds the biggest negative impact on the corporation. The effect could lead the corporation to lost millions of dollars value of data. Or even more critical, the investors of the company will lose all the confidence placed in the company. Thus, penetration testing allows them to exploit these vulnerabilities and fix them.

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