Be a smart shopper with Cashback Program Malaysia

Shopping online is only becoming easier and more efficient as technology continues to advance. It is just a matter of minutes with your computer, smartphone devices which can make you save a lot of money.

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Malaysian people like to shop online with additional cashback if the retailers able to offer cashback for their customers. At the same time, both parties have the benefits as the online retailers able to increase sales and attract customers to purchase with them, and the customers are willing to pay for the bill with cashback.

Why online shopping is very popular now?

Online shopping in Malaysia is very common nowadays. Online shoppers may find it easy to find the products they want. They can shop from home or office or any other location where you have to access to a computer, tablet device or smartphone and Internet access.

An online shopper may browse and make purchases any time of the day or night from any location and it also the convenience and efficient for them. Because they are able to compare the price as well as knowing which online retailers are doing cashback program.

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Why cashback is important?

An outgrowth of credit card issuers ‘ general rewards programs. It can refer to the practice of charging an amount above the purchase price on a card and receiving the extra money in cash.

As more and more online shopping platforms Malaysia have introduced the cashback program in order to attract new customers and existing customers for repeat purchase online.

Besides, the benefit of using an affiliate marketing program is you do not have to create your products or services to sell. You may also act as a marketer taking other products or services that other people have already build and sell it for them. And, you will obtain a referral commission if you have made successful sales. 

How does it work?

To be a smart shopper in Malaysia, you must have to know how to use the cash back to shop online in order to get more rewards and offers. Next, you must make sure that your website is up to par with the programs’ requirements and sign up.

Zalora Affiliate Program

The cashback program is the Zalora Affiliate program is whereby providing rewards to the customer and also rewarding the affiliate site that re-direct the customer to the online store site.

Zalora Affiliate Program partner with the affiliate site providing the cashback voucher to the customers. Affiliate will display Zalora adverts when the customer clicks on the adverts then it directly to Zalora’s website page.

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There are other merchants that also doing such an affiliate program which is the Lazada Affiliate Program. Where customer that re-directed to the Lazada site by clicking the affiliate link in the affiliate site and completed a transaction, the affiliate site will earn commission from Lazada Affiliate Program.

From such Affiliate Program, the customer able to receive Lazada cashback for purchasing the product. It benefits three-party, where three-party able to get what they want.

Offline Affiliate Marketing

Offline Affiliate Marketing is become common nowadays, where it is used by many company and business to attract more and more people to approach their business. It is a very useful marketing strategy that helps to increase the sales and the customer base of a company.

There is various type of offline affiliate marketing, one of it will be a referral program, which is using customer reference. The referral program is generally giving out a discount to the customer to encourage them to invite others to approach the business.

This is an effective marketing strategy to encourage the customer to share their experience with the company with others by giving incentive, which is a good way to increase the customer for the company and the same time direct more customer to the company.

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