How To Get The Best New Condo For Sale in Kuala Lumpur

Buying a new KL property could be challenging for young working adults nowadays, but thanks to government affordable housing schemes and home loan in Malaysia, many are getting their houses of their own lately.

Moreover, the new condo for sale from a reputable real estate developer is one of the first choices for young working adults as they provide better value to money and it offers multiple facilities for the house owner to enjoy.

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Learn First Before You Buy

Knowledge is required before purchasing your dream house for sale, especially houses that are suitable for young working adults. In fact, many of them do look out property actively, however, lack of knowledge can lead to the regretful decision. Hence, it is important for the property developer to give out the correct information as well.

Analyzing houses for sale that suits you require a great amount of effort in terms of time and money, let us teach you how can you decide based on these criteria.

First of all, the property must have an attractive façade. The first impression needs to be at its best just like when you are going for a first date or interview with a company. Same goes for the property, it is important for you to be impressed when you first see it.

What can be count as attractive? The touch of elements of luxury and classy design gives most of the customer positive pleasure. It is simple if you want to sell it in the future, it is equally important for the future buyer to like your property future look as well.

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Next, a grand entrance and lobby. Not saying that it must be super grand like it is in millionaire property, but it needs to be good enough. As a grand entrance and lobby add value to the property, showing how the developer cares and respects.

Nowadays, a lot of Kuchai Lama condo for sale now well-equipped with air-conditioned lobby, which provides luxury and comfort. Designer chairs and art pieces often place for the house owner and visitor. Some even provide a PC for the public to use it.

Parking Like A King

Parking is one of the most important factors, as many cases that happened in the new house for sale in Johor faced issues such as flood or bad design. A bad design includes situations such as poor lighting, which can make the owner feel unsecured.

Hassle to park is also one of the issues, if the driver requires to turn multiple levels to reach the car park, it may cause frustration. Parking spots must be properly designed in order to let the driver to not hate it. The best property for sale in Iskandar includes using a basement car park.

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The Facilities That Lets You Enjoy

Furthermore, the facilities and open spaces provided by the property must be practical and ample enough. This can be explained that the well being of the residents must be properly taken care of. For instance, a gym with sufficient equipment for multiple residents to use it at the same time.

Some of the JB new property also includes jogging and cycling tracks for resident’s fitness. It is important for it not to be too dense so residents can enjoy it. The premium Johor Bahru property for sale also provides a good common area for residents to hang out.

Last but not least, the maintenance fees for KL new property for sale must be sensible. Maintenance fees are crucial as maintaining this big building is not easy and very costly. Sufficient funds must be collected to maintain development.

However, maintenance fees of Kepong condominium can rise up hideously, it is also wise for the residents to attend the regularly scheduled general meeting to ensure that the fees are increasing in a sensible manner.

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