Why You Should Consider Buying Taman Melawati House For Sale

Taman Melawati was officially introduced back in the 1970s. It was initially considered as a quiet housing project that was developed for the people from the middle-income group.

Today, Taman Melawati is considered a wealthy, self-contained township and is also known as the “Hollywood” of Malaysia. Here are some of the plausible reasons that you should consider buying a Taman Melawati condo for sale.

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Living Amongst Nature

The main highlight of living in Taman Melawati is the spectacular surroundings of hills and forests. You get to enjoy the allure of the natural settings and breathe fresh air from the atmosphere. Many people living in Melawati love the cold air when they wake up first thing in the morning.

For those looking for a thrill of activities, you can explore hiking trails and hidden waterfalls within Melawati’s forest reserves. Certain places offer picturesque views of the various other forest reserves such as the Ampang Forest Reserve. In this case, you do not have to get an Ampang condo to enjoy the view purposely.

If you are an experienced hiker, you can even relish the challenge of hiking Bukit Tabur. Currently, the trail is officially closed and is no longer maintained. But it is still one of the main attractions that draw various tourists and travellers to the vicinity of Taman Melawati. You will get to marvel at the clear sight and vast expanses from the top of the hill.

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Another famous neighbourhood that provides lush and green living in the peaceful suburb of Setiawangsa. Make sure to check out Setiawangsa condo which is only approximately 7 kilometres away from Taman Melawati. Live in neighbourhoods that are located high up on the hills while being surrounded by nature and silence.

The Zoo Negara is also just a stone’s throw away from Taman Melawati. It is definitely that all Malaysians should visit to explore and discover the various wild lives.

Amazing Amenities

The various amenities in Taman Melawati increased the attractiveness of the area. Taman Melawati is considered a transportation hub with major highways connecting the site to the Kuala Lumpur city centre.

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People living in Melawati will enjoy the easy accessibility through notable highways such as Jalan Ampang, Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) and the Ampang Hulu Klang Elevated Highway (AKLEH). The Duta-Ulu Klang Expressway (DUKE) and Shah Alam Expressway (KESAS) is also located nearby.

These extensive road networks have provided residents of Taman Melawati access to various different towns and cities such as Cheras and Kepong. Currently, much new property Cheras is being developed as well.

Residents staying in Melawati also get to enjoy the various shopping centres in the township such as Melawati Mall, Wangsa Walk and Festival City that offers one of the most reputable Setapak houses for sale. There is also an eclectic Wangsa Maju condo available around the area of Wangsa Walk Mall which will expand your options when considering to buy a property for investment.

You can even access higher class malls such as KLCC, Pavillion and even the Genting Highlands Premium Outlet, which is not far away and within reach. Additionally, the Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations nearby Taman Melawati also enhances the accessibility of residents to the city centre. Some of the nearby LRT stations include the Gombak, Taman Melati and Wangsa Maju.

The new KL East Mall will also be opening soon to cater to the shopaholics all over Klang Valley. Property hunters are also thrilled with the availability of the opening of the new Gombak condo.

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3 Top Tips Every Property Developer in Malaysia Needs to Know

Many people consider property development like a new condominium in Kepong to be a highly profitable business which to some extent is true. However, before you get into this business it is very important for you to make sure that you have all your bases well covered.

Well, if you are worried about this then worry no more, we have it all covered for you. In the discussion below, we take a look at some of the factors that you need to know as a developer that will lead you to the right success in the end.

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1.     Make the Right Property Selection

The first decision you need to make as a developer is as to whether you intend to purchase raw land or that which already has development approval. The decision you make in this case has to depend on a number of factors among them the location of the property, your risk tolerance among many others.

If you choose on purchasing a property that already has a DA then chances are you are going to end up paying more. The reason for this is very simple, the seller of the property has already done everything for you with regards to the expenses that are associated with obtaining DA which in turn pushes the value of the land even much higher.

In exchange for the higher price, you pay Sentul condo for sale, you are going to have a very easy time developing the site since you will not have to go through the entire procedures of DA. Even though those properties that come with a DA eliminate a significant risk, they also can reduce those unknowns that are associated with purchasing high rise building at Sentul.

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2.     Look for A Quality Builder

Finding a reliable quality builder is a very crucial and critical component of any property development process. The best way of getting started with this is by visiting a display home and getting to chat with the various and several builders that we have around.

If you have any problems finding a display home then worry no more, it is very easy to find one. All you need to do is run a google search followed by your suburb. This way, you will be able to find so many display homes that will best suit your needs depending on what you need be it a Jalan Ipoh condominium or any other.

3.     Come Up with The Right Product

It is not going to be possible for you to achieve any success in property development unless you come up with a property that people are looking for. It is always important for you to look for that property that you know people are looking for and want to buy if at all you are aiming for success.

For you to come up with such a product, you need to carefully carry out your research and, in the process, identify that property that you believe many people desire to have or are looking for. One of the surest and best ways you can use to make this possible is by talking to the local agent and finding out from them about this.

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These agents can provide you with information about the desired property in the market as well as some other marketing intelligence like Batu caves new property for sale. This way, you will know the exact type of property that you need to come up with given that you will have the right knowledge regarding the best-selling property in Selayang.

There are so many tips you need to take note of as a property developer of properties like Selayang new condo for sale and are aiming for success in this business. Listed above are some of these tips which we hope will lead you to success in this business should you opt for it.

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