Investing in the future of iran

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seeks to invest in businesses in which we can create value through transformation, deploying capital, expertise and a hands-on approach.


Helping management to challenge strategies and push for a superior result


We Grow Enterprises, People and Value


These are not only our companies, they are our family


we are working on video streaming and social networking. we do all our best to be one of the best in this field.


We are a comprehensive E-Health solution for all. At haurvatat we provide fast, easy and costeffective access to some of the best doctor, psychologists, and other health care providers in the country.


We are a last –mile bike delivery service which uses the latest technology to assign the nearest available courier to its clients.


Shiveh with its locally designed and coded maps of Tehran and other metropolitan cities’  is one of the country’s front– runners in Iran’s GIS industry, and location-based services.

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    • Sanam Arshadi

      MBA with first class honor (university of Kuala lumpur). Worked in telecommunications for 12 years.
    • Afshin Hedayati

      Dual Masters in Economic and Computer form BCIT, BC Canada, more than 25 years’ experience in Finance.
    • Amirali Hodjati

      MBA from Amirkabir University of Technology - Tehran Polytechnic with over 7 years of experience in professional Talent Management and Human Resource Development(HRD)
    • Shahram Sadeghi

      Degrees in Marketing, International Business and Finance from University of Hawaii and New York University. Over 20 years of experience in consulting, manufacturing, banking and IT in Europe, the US, Middle East and Russia.


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    Oct 2016

    Apple Opened up Its App Store to Iran Again

    Two days ago Apple opened up its App Store to Iranians once again. Apple iPhone always had a great market in Iran. But with the complicated relationship between Iran and U.S., Iranians had to deal with a lot of problems …

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