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Datis Pars Company has started its official activity in the field of software production since 2004 .

According to the company’s wide experience of many years in the information technology industry and having an experienced team, in 1394, the company began investing in startups .

The purpose of these investments is to support and transfer managerial experiences to help start-up businesses as a sustainable development. The company focuses on Business Support Systems (BSS), Big Data, Electronic Health, Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce, Transportation, Internet of Things (IOT) and Data Mining.

At Datis , we like the big problems that are responsive to these technology solutions. We are looking to bring great benefits to start-up businesses through investment, education and mentoring, consulting, and office services.

» Investment :

 Capital increase is one of the main and the most basic needs of startup businesses. We do not invest in a raw idea, our focus is more on team members than on a special product because designs and products often change. In other words, the assessment of the teams has a higher priority than designs and products.

» Teaching and Coaching :

We recognize the educational needs of startups and try to give them the necessary training, helping them make big business and turning designs into businesses.

» Consultation :

We know that any project in both business and technology is at risk. By providing experienced counseling teams to startups, we will try to minimize the risks of the project. The advisory team will guide entrepreneurs to innovate on business models and product technologies to maximize the probability of success.

» Business space and office services :

One of the needs of startups is the availability of suitable work space. Proper work spaces lead to increase creativity and productivity of the team. Also, many startups are suffering from the lack of administrative services due to lack of experience and adequate staffing. By helping us make the right work space and doing the services for startups. We will help them achieve enough independence.

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