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We love breaking monopolies

At Datis , we like the big problems that are responsive to these technology solutions. We are looking to bring great benefits to start-up businesses through investment, education and mentoring, consulting, and office services.

» Investment : Capital increase is one of the main and the most basic needs of startup businesses. We do not invest in a raw idea, our focus is more on team members than on a special product because designs and products often change. In other words, the assessment of the teams has a higher priority than designs and products.

» Teaching and Coaching : We recognize the educational needs of startups and try to give them the necessary training, helping them make big business and turning designs into businesses.

» Consultation : We know that any project in both business and technology is at risk. By providing experienced counseling teams to startups, we will try to minimize the risks of the project. The advisory team will guide entrepreneurs to innovate on business models and product technologies to maximize the probability of success.

» Business space and office services : One of the needs of startups is the availability of suitable work space. Proper work spaces lead to increase creativity and productivity of the team. Also, many startups are suffering from the lack of administrative services due to lack of experience and adequate staffing. By helping us make the right work space and doing the services for startups. We will help them achieve enough independence.

What We Do

We provide venture assistance and strategic advice to entrepreneurs

We focus on areas including Big data, health, Fin- Tech, E- and M-Commerce, Transportation & Logistics, Internet of Things(IOT) and Value Added Services. At Datis, we basically like large problems that are responsive to technology solutions.
We seek out unfair advantages: business model innovations, exclusive technological advances, top-notch teams and unique partnershipsWe know every plan has risks, but we prefer technology risk to market risk, and we desire to remove technology and business risks up front. Clearly identified and understood risks, along with a clear plan for removing those risks for the least amount of money, is important criteria for evaluating ventures.
If you have an attractive technology-based story, we are willing to listen.

  • Significant technology or business model innovation
  • Unusual technology approaches, ventures into new markets
  • high-impact innovations beyond the normal expectations


We assist entrepreneurs determined to build companies with lasting

We prefer brutal honesty to hypocritical politeness. We will challenge you without confronting you. Once we pick a management team, we back it and don’t second-guess it. We are less about sweet talk and more about helping you build a business. We are definitely not about controlling ownership in your business.
We look for “A” teams and founders – entrepreneurs who know what they know but also know what they don’t know and are open to building strong teams to fill in those knowledge gaps. We invest more in people than in a specific plan, because plans often change. We will assure you nothing you send us will be shared outside Datis Pars without your permission.

What We Invest In

We will assure you nothing you send us will be shared outside Datis Pars without your permission.

Problem overview

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Competitive advantage

Do you have a scientific breakthrough, intellectual property, business-model innovation or a unique partnership? Why is now the right time? If your plan is successful, what economic or market benefit will the technology carry?


Who are you, and why are you qualified to lead this opportunity? What skills do you bring to this problem? What technical skills will your team need to add? Do you envision yourself as the long-term CEO or in another role? The focus is mostly on you, your goals and your technical team. Address why you are uniquely qualified to solve this problem. People, who are key to your innovation, matter to us.


It is important to recognize your path to justifying the technical risks you face. What technical milestones will this be financing help achieve? What are your future milestones, and how much capital will you need to achieve each?


Are you comparing your company against technology competition in areas that matter to the end customer? Do you have a good understanding of the competitive landscape? Are you comparing your future product to your competitor’s current product or to their future product? Is your innovation addressing a need in a large enough market?

submit a business plan

We will assure you nothing you send us will be shared outside Datis Pars without your permission.

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